Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Dirty Little Secret };-)

Ever read the package, i.e. Back or the Box or Bag your food come in? I’m not talking the Nutrition Facts, but the recipes and little propaganda they stick on the side and the back of the packages. " Screaming Yellow Zonkers" has some of the funnies

But I came across this one today, see if you can guess the Produce.

Live Your Life with the great taste of (Product)
Healthy Lifestyles Begin with healthy choices and eating in moderation is the Key to smart snaking. Staying energetic and active completes the recipe for a happy, health lifestyle.

Fuel your excitement with the great taste of (Product). Our tasty products are a perfect snack to pack for outdoor activities with friends and family. Bring them along on a walk or hike for a quick energy boost! When the Snaking is over…. Let the fun begin!

Any idea what the Product is?

Come on guess.

Your right, POTATO CHIPS
Here I had no idea potato chips where healths snack. LOL ;-p


SwampAngel65 said...

What are Zonkers and do you partake in them often? What are the side effects?

And I would not have guessed potatoe chips. I was thinking more like Geritol (yum, yum! Now THAT'S nutrition!)

Swampwitch said...

OH ! I am so glad to know that I've had nutritious meals today...that included potato chips.
Thanks for the hieroglyphics you left at my place...I think !

mjd said...

I love Screaming Yellow Zonkers. I thought they went out of business; this news makes me happy.

lisa marie said...

Hey this is great news indeed. Wait a minute I gotta run to the store for my healthy snack. :)