Sunday, August 31, 2008


This week's Hostess the scintillating and curious Gattina over at Writer's Cramps
The Assignment
- She just want us to show a picture of your blogging place ! Our room or bed or whatever space(s) or place(s) you have to write your posts, and she hopes to be able to see a lot today. Sometimes when she reads or writes a comment she trys to imagine the place where we blog friend are sitting right now but it is very difficult. So today she hopes to satisfy her curiosity

Well I hope I don’t disappoint-
The following is one of my shelves (don’t mind the dust) in four shots
Starting at the left:

Geo node and a desert rose - both given to me by a rock hound friend of mine
A couple of gator that a pick up because a friend likes them and they remind me of her (Beer Ass this one is for you)
There in the back Hat Pins more about them later


A lizard vase - a gift because people mistakenly think I collect lizards, just because of one tattoo and a tee shirt or two, ok maybe 10 or 20.
A lizard figurine given to me by one of my nieces she was about nine at the time and got it with her own money so I display it with pride.
The frogs who knows, they got unpacked and these is where the got set and they seam to fit well with the grouping.


The start of the K-9 shrine
Reggie Rue - this was the first dog that was mine and only mine. He was a Puli or part Puli one of those dogs that have mob like hair. Yes, once for Halloween I dress like a scrub woman and added a mob handle to Reggie. Only problem was we did this in June. It was just to family and friends but we all had fun.


There is a picture of the Joneser and Boo.
Don’t let the photo fool you - Joneser is laying in the bed of the truck and Boo as a puppy is standing up on the tail gate.
Joneser was a Malamute and Boo is a Boarder Collie.
I got Boo as a squeaky toy (thinking if Joneser wasn’t alone he would stay at home) for Joneser. Your pets should not have pets. When I would come home from work I would have a lovely little Boarder Collie sitting alone in the yard, and we would have to go out and find that bad Malamute. The other thing I learned is that Malamutes are very hard to train if they don’t want to be trained. Boarder Collie’s live to please. Both have/had their own charms.
Lastly more Hat Pins - many moons ago the family decide I needed to collect something. Fear if I did not pick something the next thing I know I would have a room full of Precious Moments.
So I picked hat pins: - thinking one they would have a hard time finding any; two if they did they wouldn’t take up much room; three I didn’t think they would need to be dusted. I hate dusting.

Well that it for this weeks FM.

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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

What do you THINK ???

First not mine so your honest opinion. - - - - I will give you mine next week.

I read someone resume the other day, they were looking for a management position in a technical field.

There was no higher education but what hit me was this line.

“I was once introduced as near genius at problem solving”

Sunday, August 24, 2008

FUN MONDAY - And the Answer is....

The always exuberant Ladies over at Mamadrama are our host for this weeks FUN MONDAY and to quote for this week assignment
“Here goes:
Remember way back in elementary school when you had to do a report on James Garfield, the 20th President of the United States and you told the class all about how he was shot after only four months in office? You also remember that he recovered after a week, but doctor's continued to probe at the healed wound causing complications and resulting in his death almost three months later? Okay, we all knew that about Garfield, but you also remember that James Garfield could write with both hands at one time and in different languages.!!! Why do you remember that? Maybe for you it wasn't James Garfield, but somewhere in your past education, you picked-up some little bit of useless information that you've never forgotten.
What funny trivial fact do you remember that you probably should have forgotten a long time ago?”

This assignment could prove to be problematic - it seams I amass useless information to the point I have been accused of reading the answers to those trivia game prior to playing. Truth it only very select information I have. Can’t tell you who wrote a book or played in a movie, but all the natural history, yep sticks in my head.

So useless fact from school the average adult human head weighs eight pounds, and so d
oes a gallon of milk. So if you ever loose you head you can replace it with a gallon of milk.

Jug Head By Palooka Joe

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Monday, August 18, 2008

FUN MONDAY - the Bird? (She Dared Me)

The lovely and extremely talented Lisa of Lisaschaos.s is our hotstess this week and ask:

"What is one thing you would like to ask your readers? Come up with a question to pose to your visitors and throw it out there on Monday. As we’re all visiting each other’s Fun Monday posts we should answer the various questions we come across.or Show&Tell me about a bird, I’m easily made happy."

Here is a little bit of history and assorted other information :

Yes I took and easy way out but I was dared and tired.

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Monday, August 4, 2008

So Sorry

Well Life is just a little too full -

Presently working 12 to 16 hours a day - with a two hour drive. (there is 14 to 18 hours of my day)
Planning the B'day party - expecting about 100 friends and family
Normal chores.

I to the point where I daydream about sleep and hot long showers

So please excusse me for my lack of posting I'll try to do better after the 11th.