Sunday, November 23, 2008

FUN MONDAY - High Times

It Fun Monday again and

Our Host: Our Beautiful ButteryFly Mariposa.

Our Assignment: High our lives! If you could share to us 3-5 high moments in your lives...this could be funny moments...the you can't believe you did it moments...the "I told you so" moments...or the times we asked the ground to go open and eat us moments! You need not write a book to explain them, the highlights will do.

I have selected four Ah moments to share with you and presenting them in order of their occurrence.

1. School daze - Needless to say I wasn’t considered the best student, in elementary school I had some behavior and learning problems. To the point one teacher after having me held back a grade, attempted to have me placed into the special education program, only stopped by one vice principle. He insisted that my IQ was far to high and that the difficulties were due more to conflicts with the teacher, and had me removed from her class. I figure my permanent record is full of a multitude of potential damming information, because when I attempted to get a copy of my school records, they were all happy and obliging until they had them in their hot little hands and then they were reluctant to hand over a copy. (I only need a copy of the immunization records and so a copy was made of that section and off I went on my marry way) Makes you wonder. Now my oldest brother loved to tease and joke not just me but everyone. So one day he was home visiting Mom and Dad when I came in from school, trying to tease me just a little he pick up the local paper who big new that day was a list of the honor roll students. Make a big production he shakes open the paper and in a loud voice let’s see where you are in here Missy and begins reading the name just above where mine would appear (they are place in aphaeretic order) then he get to my name. Yep there I was listed as highest honors, ah you got to love it when the tables turn.

2. Lets Play Ball - When I started College at a small branch community college, I decided to play volleyball for the school. Up to that point I played backyard, picnic, and for a church team, but never played any organized sports. Not only that I was at least 6 inch shorter than any of my team mates. I was doing it just for the fun and to burn some energy. I tried out and some how I made the JV team as a setter. I think I was too short for a spiker, standing tall a could walk under then net. At that time in my live a was a size 5, and had long hair down to my waist that I wore in pigtails. Just the look for your average 18 year old, not. The day the uniforms where handed out I had a computer class, so I got the only remaining uniform, an XL. One of my middle brothers would often come to watch us play, and to see the antics of his baby sister. As I adjust my shirt, my shorts, flipped my hair danced around and tried to set the ball for my teammates. He was convinced that I was doing physical comedy, and not necessarily playing volleyball, as did most of the fans. But we had a number of supporter, who would come and cheer us on and laugh. Now anyone who has ever played sports can contest that there are nights that the stars align and you can do nothing wrong. At one point the elastic in my over sized shorts broke I tripped fell and sure enough managed to hit the ball back over the net. Once the ball was spiked and hit me in the head knocking me over backwards into a summersault some how I managed to land back on my feet and the ball sail back over the net. It was one unbelievable play after another, but it was my night. I got my perfect game, and our lowly little JV team tromped the areas best varsity team and we had the seats in the bleachers in stitches, ah

3. Play Nice - It had been a few year since I fenced for PSU where I earn a varsity letter. Now I was not a star player but I enjoyed playing. I hadn’t pick up a foil for years, but decided to give the Beehive Games a try, the Utah state summer Olympics, as I was living in Salt Lake City at that time in my life. So I sign up, paid my entrance fee and was informed I the sole reprehensive from my county in fencing, therefore was in the finals and the committee wished me well. So I took a half day off work on the given weekend in June and made my way down to the other end of the state. I knew no one there I was on my own. I found the event and proceed to sign in. At that point so uptight want-to-be-preppy tried to insist that I could not participate as I was not a member of their club. I state that was not prerequisite, I was there representing West Jordan, and was not a member of any club. She said if I did not have a club that I had to be a member of the US Fencing Association. At that point I said oh, that this will work and a pull out my USFA card. She looked at the card and inform me that I would not be allow to participate as a novice. I informed her that I was in the open, not in the novice class. She than began to inform me that there was no way that her club would be outfitting me as they barely had enough weapons for their club. I said that was fine as I brought my own. She rolling her eye as only those the snobbish can, informed me that all weapons had to be cleared by a USFA approve armorer, I smiled and said not a problem and show her the underside of hand guard . She then want to know who’s stamp that was, I grinned and said mine, as I pulled out my USFA armorer card, let me knew if you need any help. I notice little Miss want-to-be was wearing an arm band, and I know it was kind of wrong but I would give other fencers pointers on how to beat anyone wearing one of the clubs arm bands. Well after the meet was over and the metal were collected, an old acquaintance of my college day came up to me with little Miss in his shadows. We exchanged pleasantries and he stated that his club didn’t do as well as he had expected and could I give his girls any pointers. Well manners and good sportsmanship would be a good start, I said as I walk away with my silver metal.

4. God - Now I was living in Utah and driving down to the State game I had to drive through Zion National Park. Zion National Park is very beautiful and you wind over the mountains. On my drive down I notice a sign pointing to the right saying Devil’s Backbone, about 25 mile and many turns later I notice another sign pointing to the left saying Devil’s Backbone. Now the pass would not be a short cut but it must offer a view, so on my way back home I thought I would take the cut through the pass, how bad could it be it was a paved road and signs on both ends. So as I approached the first sign I make the right hand turn on to a paved road. Well the paved road turns and bends and soon is a grave road that turns into a dirt road with hairpin corners a single lane, with one side a wall and the other side a sheer drop. After many miles on the dirt road it began to rain, and my car began fishtailing, in the mud. There is no where to turn around, and no way I could back up the miles to the last place to pull over in the hope I could turn around. I continue on, with more fish tailing, I’m sure at times at lest part of a tire was off the road. At one point I stop the car as my knuckles are white and pray, not that I don’t go over the cliff but that when I plummeted it would be to my death and I would not lay there in pain to days. I continue on and on. slipping and sliding I saw off in the distance a bridge an old rickety bridge that I wasn’t sure, if it would hold the car or not but I wasn’t going back, so around the bend and up the hill I went. Just as I approached the clouds break and the sun comes crashing out in a perfect beam of light, that makes the canyon come alive. The beauty was literally breath taking, I pull up and find a parking space and go and watch the canyon as the shadow shift and it looks as if tongues of fire are jumping from one ledge to cleft. It’s exquisite magnificence beyond words., well worth the trip and what to say Ahhhhhhhhhhhh. God is Good.
Thanks for stopping by . You can read over other player high times over at Mariposa’s Tales.
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Faye said...

Your volleyball tale was the best! I can just picture you in that baggy uniform and pig tails--you're right--not the usual hairstyle for an 18 yr. old, but very practical for an athlete unless you took up wrestling!

You enjoyed sports so much as a young person, what do you do now in the sports category?

Pamela said...

ooohhh! I loved your stories. I was there with you in every one of them (Tripping on my shorts, looking daggers at little uppity nose, getting the last last with your brother, and thanking God that you were loved by His Light on a slippery slope.)

Celeste said...

Great stories! The Utah trip could be symbolic of life in general....lots of slips, but occasionally, the view is REALLY worth it!

Sarah said...

Wowee those are really a stunning set of stories!
I'm not sure if I'm envious or not that I've not had similar experiences... :)

Thanks for sharing this FM with us

SwampAngel65 said...

Fun to read stories I hadn't heard before. LOVE your "Ahhh moments". I wish I could've seen the look on your brother's face when he read your name on the honor role list! Priceless.

I bet you were caching..that's why you took your life in your hands and went up that canyon, isn't it? But what a view, huh? God's reward for your white-knuckled bravery.

See ya in 2 weeks!!!

Hootin' Anni said...

I like the fact that the principal realized that it was teacher conflict. That tells a lot about the person and makes a point it's NOT ALL the kids that show behavioral problems...if only they could realize this in the school admin!!!

And your "God" post part...whoa. That gave me gooseflesh!!!

My Monday post is published. Stop by if you can, I'd love to have you join me today. But, you'll need to scroll down below the Ranch Hand Breakfast photos to get to my High Moments!! Happy day to you.

hulagirlatheart said...

Yeah, what Celeste said. Your stories were great. I especially liked the fencing one.

{i}Post said...

Loved the volleyball story! The school one made me sad, as I am a teacher, and couldn't imagine why that teacher treated you the way she did!

Karmyn R said...

Great stories - especially the fencing one. Just goes to show how that girl needed to learn some Grace.

BS said...

Wonderful stories - loved every one of them.

Sayre said...

Utah apparently has lots of roads like that. My husband and stepson went to visit his grandpa in the LaSalle Mountains and had a very similar story to tell when they got back!

Volleyball, fencing! You were an active girl! And the comeuppance of your brother was priceless!

Jan said...

Wow, you should really write a book. Great tales, here, and I bet you have more.

ChrisB said...

Those were great stories, not sure that I have a favourite but your white knuckle ride and the view you saw at the end was pretty awesome.

Anonymous said...

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survivor said...

ahhhhh LJB I just loved your stories -I was right there with you -I could hear your voice and wonderful laugh as I read them -I am calling my sister and telling her to check them out -I am so glad I never found that road in Zion -my entrance from the North was scary enuff and the road was the same color as the rocks/ no guard rails I was worried I would not know when I went over the side until I landed. No I did not like Zion now Arches/Mohab that is a nice park! Come see us soon! We miss you.